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XJ-13: The Jack Herer and G13 Hybrid for Creative Minds


XJ-13 is a unique cannabis strain that combines the genetics of the popular Jack Herer and G13 strains. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, it offers a potent and invigorating experience for those seeking a creative boost. With its therapeutic benefits and uplifting effects, XJ-13 has become a sought-after strain among cannabis enthusiasts. Key Takeaways: XJ-13 is … Read more

Gelato #33: The Larry Bird Phenotype

Gelato #33

Gelato #33, also known as the Larry Bird phenotype, is a popular strain with a fruity sophistication and titillating effects. This strain stands out from other gelato strains and is highly sought after for its unique characteristics. Key Takeaways Gelato #33, also known as the Larry Bird phenotype, is a highly sought-after cannabis strain. It … Read more

Cookies and Cream: A Deliciously Balanced Hybrid

Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream is a hybrid strain known for its delicious flavor profile. It offers a perfectly balanced blend of earthy sweet cookies and luscious vanilla cream. This strain is highly regarded for its uplifting and relaxing effects, making it a favourite among cannabis enthusiasts. With a THC content of 28.6%, it provides a well-rounded … Read more

Dutch Treat: The Amsterdam Favourite Hybrid

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat is a highly sought-after hybrid strain that originated in Amsterdam. With its balanced effects and delightful sweet, earthy flavor, it has quickly become a favourite among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. This strain boasts a THC content of 19% and a CBD content of 1%, making it moderately potent and suitable for a wide range … Read more

Fruity Pebbles: The Colourful and Sweet Hybrid

Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles is a delicious breakfast cereal that is known for its vibrant colours and sweet fruity flavours. It has become a favourite among kids and adults alike. With its hybrid nature, Fruity Pebbles offers the perfect combination of relaxation and upliftment, making it a delightful choice for cannabis enthusiasts. Key Takeaways: Fruity Pebbles is … Read more